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Whole Industrial Chain Integration & Manufacture

Through fostering high-quality suppliers, Cosin Solar has established the integrated manufacturing system, which is able to provide solar field, thermal receiver, molten salt tank, heat exchanger, and steam turbine generator, achieving a localization rate of more than 95% of core equipment. Meanwhile, through collaborating with high-quality suppliers and adopting automatic assembly line, Cosin Solar is able to ensure the quality and productivity of core equipment, which effectively reduces the construction cost of the project and ensures the income level of the project.

Mirror Processing Factory

The whole process adopts automatic production, automatic surface activation treatment, automatic loading of bonding parts, automatic bonding, and online intelligent automatic detection, etc.

Mechanical Structure Processing

Automatic production line and special tooling are adopted, such as automatic welding, automatic drilling and tapping, automatic bonding, automatic forming machine, bending machine, automatic surface treatment equipment, and special tooling inspection.

Electronic Controllers Processing

Heliostat electronic control components are completely independently developed and designed, using fully automated production equipment, and following strict inspection and testing standards, to maximize the consistency of component quality and long-term reliability in harsh natural environments.

Driving Parts Processing

The automatic assembly line with online detection of quality control indicators can automatically identify the pass rate of each quality control index, ensure product accuracy and quality, and effectively reduce percentage of unqualified products.

Heliostat Assembly Factory

We use fully automatic mirror assembly line, PLC man-machine interactive control, automatic workpiece feeding, automatic positioning, and automatic flow among processes. Online detection is adopted to avoid the outflow of unqualified products.

Receiver Assembly Factory

As the number one supplier of receiver, we co-design the product with large boiler and container manufacturing enterprises.

Quality Assurance System

Cosin Solar has established quality assurance system, which guarantees the quality and performance of the equipment throughout the design, manufacture and installation by means of supplier certification, technical specification, manufacture supervision, standard tooling, automatic inspection system and tooling, acceptance specification and installation specification.

Quality	Assurance	System
Equipment Reliability Optimization
In view of the common characteristics of high-altitude, low-temperature, gale, and sand in regions with abundant solar energy, Cosin Solar customizes main equipment with environmental adaptability. Through continuous running test, temperature cycling test, accelerated weathering test, wind tunnel test, IP test, neutral salt spray test and is able to ensure anti-freezing, windproof, anti-UV, corrosion-proof properties of the tower CSP plant core equipment. Years of on-site application has proved that the equipment weatherability is well above average level of tower CSP industry.



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