Tower Concentrating Solar Power System

Leading Mature Core Technology and Key Equipment of the Whole Process

Fully Automatic Operation of the Solar Block System
System Introduction
In order to improve the stability and security of the system operation, the automatic operation software independently developed by Cosin Solar realizes the automatic control of the Solar Block system and one-click start and stop, which reduces the system efficiency degradation and equipment operation risk caused by human factors.
Solar Field

Automatic Calibration

Automatic Preparation

Automatic Energy Scheduling

Automatic Pipes Unblocking

Automatic Overheating Treatment

Automatic Cloud Processing

Receiver System

Automatic Preheating

Automatic Salt Charging

Buffer Tank Level Control

Outlet Salt Temperature and Surface Temperature Automatic Control

Automatic Salt Discharging

Automatic Control of Electric Heat Tracing

Safe Interlock

Wind Speed over Limit

Panel Overtemperature

MS Pump Failure

UPS Power Supply Failure

Receiver System Failure

Additional Security Interlocks as Requested

Cloud Forecasting System
System Introduction
Cosin Solar Cloud Forecasting System, based on all-sky imager and satellite cloud image, has the functions of cloud identification and motion tracking, and realizes the DNI prediction function within 30 minutes. With this system, the operation strategy for CSP Tower Plant can be well optimized in advance to ensure the safe and stable operation and maximize use of solar resources.
Heliostat Field Auto-cleaning System
System Introduction

The Heliostat Field Auto-cleaning System, which is developed by Cosin Solar, is able to carry out periodical cleaning during operation of the plant. The system automatically monitors the cleaning process, and can adopt manned or unmanned driving mode, water-scrubbing or dry-scrubbing scheme to tackle extremely low temperature and sandy condition.

In 2020, the heliostat cleaning vehicle independently designed and developed by Cosin Solar won the SolarPACES 2020 Technology Innovation Award, becoming the first enterprise in Asia winning this Award for its completely independent design and R&D of CSP technology.

Take SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW project for instance, the unmanned auto-cleaning vehicle is able to work in the evening, and can refresh the whole heliostat field in 7 days with 6 vehicles working in two shifts.
Labors saved/a:
120K USD
Revenue increased/a:
110K USD
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