Molten Salt Energy Storage

High-efficiency, Low Cost, Safe and Reliable High Temperature MSES Design Technology and Key Equipment


Molten Salt Energy Storage (MSES) is a low-cost and high-efficient thermal energy storage technology, which absorbs energy at low temperature and release energy at high temperature. It mainly includes molten salt heating system, molten salt heat storage system and steam generation system.

There are many application scenarios of MSES, which can absorb the valley electricity, wind power, PV power, waste heat, distributed biomass or natural gas and solar radiation energy. It can release electrical energy (especially high priced electricity), superheated steam, hot water, District Heating and Cooling(DHC).

MSES can be well applied not only to CSP plant, but also to Coal-Fired Power Plant Flexibility Upgrade and CCHP(Combined Cooling, Heating and Power).
Core Competence
Through more than a decade of technical research and engineering practice, Cosin Solar has developed a complete set of engineering solutions for high-temperature MSES, formed a series of proprietary technologies covering high-temperature MS process design, core equipment and key equipment design and development, and cultivated a technical personnel team integrating technology research and development, engineering design, construction management, energy storage debugging and operation and maintenance. And it has realized the large-scale production and engineering application of MSES related products.

Large Capacity High Temperature MSES

Core Equipment Development & Production

Key Equipment Design and Development

Fast Start-up/stop MSES Scheme

Energy Release Scheme with Wide Parameters and Rapid Load Change

High Temperature MS Safety Control System

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