MSES-Based Integrated Energy Solution

To provide customers with MSES-centered integrated energy utilization solutions
Flexibility Upgrade of Existing Coal-fired Power Plant
Technical Principle

Convert excessive steam turbine output into thermal energy by using electric heater to heat MS, or store additional main steam from the boiler with MS by using steam MS exchange system;

The flexible startup-stop/load change of electric heater or steam MS heat exchange equipment can replace the slow load change process of the boiler.

Stable combustion of the boiler at an extremely low load is a critical issue for improving the flexibility of coal-fired power plant. By installing MSES system, part of the live steam and reheat steam can be stored in MSES to maintain stable combustion of boiler at a safe load (above 50%), while working capacity of steam turbine is reduced to 15%-20%. As for thermal-electrical steam turbine unit, adding MSES system can decouple the electricity generation and heat supply, which greatly enhanced its ability of deep peak load regulation.
Flexibility Upgrade of the Decommissioned Coal-fired Power Plant
Technical Principle

While keeping the original equipment like turbine generator sets, power grid access, chemical water treatment etc., install electric heaters and MSES systems with small investment;

Storage urtailed renewable energy or valley electricity and supply electric energy or heat or supply both more flexibly when needed;

By installing electric heaters and MSES with small investment, retired coal-fired power plant can be used to store the curtailment from renewable energy or low-priced electricity from the grid during valley hours, and then supply electrical and thermal energy to users whenever needed. The retrofitted plant can provide peak and frequency regulation services to the grid, to enhance the capacity of renewable energy consumption and the stability of the grid.
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