PV Tracker System

High-quality, Intelligent, Low-cost PV Tracker

Thanks to 10+ years of experience in independently designing, developing, manufacturing, and operating high-precision intelligent tracking products, Cosin Solar has actively expanded and extended the industrial chain, carried out technological innovation, and successfully developed Cosin Solar PV tracking system well suited for harsh environmental conditions. The system has the advantages of high adaptability, high reliability, accurate tracking, stable operation, and easy installation & maintenance. Combined with the self-developed intelligent tracking algorithm, it can greatly increase PV power generation. What’s more, it has been successfully applied in projects.
Core Competence
Mechanical Structure Design Capability
A professional mechanical structure design team has designed and developed tracking products of various specifications, and the quantity of corresponding frames, slew drives, linear actuators and controllers applied 100,000+ sets.
Control Algorithm Design Capability
A large-scale heliostat field automatic calibration system is developed. The tracking accuracy of the heliostat is above 0.1°, which is 1/20 of the accuracy requirement of the PV tracking system.
Control System Development Capability
100,000-sets scale intelligent control system and tracking system centralized control software have been developed and successfully applied.
Reliability Design Capability
Possess the design capability of highly reliable products, and the products have passed the tests under harsh environmental conditions such as high altitude (above 3000 meters), extreme temperature (below -35°C), extreme weather (strong wind above 42m/s), etc.
Solution Design Capability
Possess overall solution design capabilities such as PV + CSP multi-energy hybrid power stations and provide users with the most optimized solutions.
Project Installation and Commissioning Supervision Capability
A complete set of project execution standards and a set of scientific project execution progress management system are established.
Core Products
Cosin Solar PT Tracking System
Single Row / Linear Actuator Multi-Point Drive

The multi-point parallel drive design has more drive pylons, and the stress distribution of the frame is more uniform, suitable for harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds.

Support mechanical or electrical synchronization hence a more uniform driving torque.

With a hard limit mechanism inside the linear actuator, the overall hard limit and overload protection function is more reliable.

Unique sealing design is applied on linear actuator. Grease lubrication is used hence no oil pollution and no risk of oil leakage.

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Cosin Solar PJ Tracking System
Single Row / Slew Drive Multi-Point Drive

Higher north-south slope adaptability, up to 20%, suitable for larger slope sites.

The slew drive adopts a closed transmission with the worm gear transmitted in a fully lubricated sealed box unaffected by sand and dust, meaning better sand and dust adaptability.

The slew drive can achieve 360-degree rotation, so the slew drive solution has a wider tracking angle range.

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High Reliability
Parallel Multiple Driving Points Design
Electrical Synchronization
High Strength Structural Design
High Intelligence
Reverse-tracking Function
Customized Kinematic Models
Tracking accuracy ≤ 1°
Power Generation Increase 8%-15%
High Adaptability
Compatible with All Monofacial and Bifacial PV Modules
Adapt to Various Applications
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Modular design, easy to assemble and disassemble
Modular design, easy to assemble and disassemble.
Device self-diagnosis function
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